All the Awards will be based on Merits 

New York Television & Films Awards

 July 21-22 & 23,  2023

We are proud to present the first New York Television and Films Awards For: Indie TV Shows & Films nationally and International for the Best TV Shows, TV Series, TV Films, Best Actors, Best Supporting, Best Director, Best Production, Best Original Score, Best Make up, Best Wardrobe

Awards will select by our invited Jury presided by R. Couri Hay New York Television and Films Awards, beside their Jury selection.

We will introduce "The Audience Awards" For all categories as Best Television Shows, Actors, Directors, Writers, etc.
we want to make the Audience participle as important part of this event giving them an opportunity to Vote via a secure system for their best Television Shows, Actors, Directors, etc.

Giving this opportunity to the Audience, the people who watch the shows and are subscribe to cable TV and Streaming studios, to Vote for their best TV Shows, Actors, Directors, etc.

A TV Show, actors, directors, etc.; can Receive Two Awards, one from our selected jury presided by R. Couri Hay and The Audience Award.


Friday, July 21,  2023 - International Day
INDIE  Awards for International Films & TV Shows

 Saturday, July 22,  2023
INDIE Awards for USA Films & TV Shows 

Sunday, July 23
Major Studios Awards

Indie Winners will be in Attendance


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